Sperre AS can deliver different types of control stations for our SUB-fighter ROV systems. The different variants are mobile, in containers and control room in ship. Mobile control systems are often delivered with smaller ROV systems and take up less space in addition to having quick setup and dismantling.

Main units for mobile systems:

  • Power supply and transformer
  • ROV control with PC and screens for video and data
  • Mobil pilot console

All SUB-fighter ROV systems can be delivered with control rooms in containers or integrated in ships and other vessels.

A container based control station is usually delivered in a standard 20 feet control container or as a DNV 2.7.1 offshore-certified version. A 20 feet container has both a control room and tool storage. All equipment fits inside the container, allowing quick mobilization offshore for diving down to 1,000 meters with soft tether.

Integrated control station

An integrated control station means that we permanently install the ROV equipment into a ship or other vessel. This usually consists of a control room, LARS, TMS and ROV, and allows for continuous operation.