Mobile ROV control system

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Space requirement, L x W x H150 x 100 x 220 cm
Power input 2 Kw, 230 VAC 50 Hz, single phase
Main units Rack and monitors, pilot console, power control


Aluminum splash proof cabinet 19’, 12 U
Video monitor
Data monitor
Key pad and roller ball in drawer
Overlay and software
Software for MS 1000 sonar
Fiber multiplexer
Connections for fiber, data and video
L x W x H, 60 x 54 x 64 cm
Weight. 50 – 72 kg. depending on model
POWER Input 220V 50 Hz. single phase

Remote Pilot Control

Glass fiber cabinet
Two XYZ joysticks for thruster control
Switches an push buttons for all functions and equipment on ROV
Prepared for control of extra equipment and tooling
15 meter flexible rugged cable to rack
L x W x H, 43 x 21 x 20 (40) cm
Weight, 4 kg

Power Control and Transformer

STEEL CABINET for power control, Ref. No. 3
Power input standard, 380/ VAC 50 HZ. 3 phase.
Output line voltage from transformer, 990 VAC
Fuses and Megacon online ground fault system
Connections for umbilical, power in and rack
L x W x H, 60 x 30 x 80 cm
Weight 30 kg.
Steel cabinet IP 23
L x W x H, 48 x 45 x 59 cm
Weight, approx 96 kg. 12.5 kVA.

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