Winch Model Small 22/600

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Construction All welded in corrosion resistant aluminium, frame and cable drum
Overall dimensions Width: 830 mm
Height: 870 mm
Length: 1350 mm
Drum dimensions Core length: 1000 mm
Core diameter: 400 mm
Flange diameter: 900 mm
Cable capacity 600 meter of 22,7 mm cable
Weight 175 kg. excl. Cable
Cable pull Axial: 208 Nm
Inner layer 2700 N, calculated, 750 N w/clutch
Outer layer 1350 N, calculated, 375 N w/clutch
Cable speed Calculated average speed 35 m/min
Spooling system Stainless steel shaft, belt driven with release mechanism. Cable dia. adjustable from 1 mm to 25 mm in 50 steps.
Electric motor 750W. 3 ph, 1395 o/min.
Electric input Single phase 230 V AC 50 Hz. 16 A
Controls Frequency inverter, Manual control with 15 meters cable.  Up, down and emergency stop. Potentiometer speed control.
Slip ring Delivered by Sperre AS
Brake Automatic
Temperature rating -25 C to + 65 C