SUB-fighter 3000

  • ROV designed for tough conditions
  • Reliable and well proven design
  • Quick and easy mobilization
  • Very good stability
  • Plenty of power
  • Interface for standard tools
  • Quality at an affordable price
  • Require a minimum of maintenance
  • Made in Norway

ROV Specification

Vehicle LWH 96 x 67 x 60 cm (with E1-arm 122cm long)
Frame Aluminum
Weight in air 120 kg. (approx.) basic standard vehicle
Payload 5-10 kg
Max depth 250m (max std. tether)
Buoyancy Solid cell structure
Power input, TBA 230 VAC, 1 or 3 phase, maximum 4 kW
Thrusters 3 thrusters 1000 W pressure compensated, each 200-240 N
Speed Horizontal 2.8 knot, Vertical 1.5 knot
Pan /Tilt Tilt angle: 90 degrees, Pan angle 45 degrees
Camera interfaces Interface for 3 cameras, Low light colour camera, PAL 540 TV lines 0,05 lux
Interface for Zoom camera
Lights Interface for 4 x 250W lamps.
Standard delivery 2 x Q-LED III lamp
Sensors 30 or 50 bar depth sensor
Fluxgate compass
Moist sensor
Auto functions Auto depth, Auto heading

Surface equipment

ROV control unit

17” Video Monitor fitted into the pelicase top cover.

Overlay with data presentations. Depth, date, time, heading, and screen writer. Connections for umbilical, remote control and PC communication ports. Power input connector. Fuses and ground fault system.

Height 470 mm.
Width 700 mm.
Depth 690 mm.
Weight 20 kg.

Remote control

Cabinet, glass fibre portable console ROV pilot control console with two XYZ joysticks for thrusters control. Switches for camera, light, manipulator, remote functions on ROV, and other external functions.

Height 200 (400) mm.
Width 210 mm.
Length 430 mm.
Weight 4 kg.

Tether cable

11 mm. diameter, single phase negative cable. Max length 150 meter.
15 mm. tether 3 phase. Max. length 250 meter.

Note: Short lengths because ROV have direct power of standard voltage.

Additional equipment

  • Video exchanger
  • Fibre optic
  • Manipulator, grabber rope cutter
  • Sonar
  • HPR position system, transponder
  • Camera options, HD (fibre), zoom
  • Camera, stillcamera
  • Belt module
  • Optional depth rating
  • Customer specified gear
  • Fibre optic telemetry