SUB-Fighter 15k Survey

SUB-fighter 15k Offshore

The offshore version of SUB-fighter 15k is an ROV with vectorized horizontal thrusters tailor designed for use with subsea installations together with TMS. The ROV excels by having large amounts of power in all directions, which makes it highly maneuverable even with strong currents from any direction.

Comes with and without skid, and from 1000 to 6000 meters work depth.

  • ROV designed for tough conditions
  • Reliable and well proven design
  • Quick and easy mobilization
  • Very good stability
  • Plenty of power
  • Interface for standard tools
  • Quality at an affordable price
  • Require a minimum of maintenance
  • Made in Norway

ROV Specification

Housings 2 x 1 ata.
Vehicle LWH 150 x 94 x 82 cm
Frame Anodized aluminum
Weight in air 580 kg approx.
Payload 20 kg approx
Max depth 2000 m.
Buoyancy Solid cell structure
Power input, TBA 230 / 400 / 440 / 690 VAC, 3 phase 15 kW
Thrusters 6 thrusters, Horizontal 4 x 2000W, Vertical 2 x 2000 W,
Speed approx. Horizontal 2,5 knot, Vertical 1.9 knot
Lateral 1,8 knot, Turn 60 deg/sec
Pan /Tilt Pan 45 degrees, Tilt 90 degrees
Camera interfaces 4 off, 2-3 x simultaneous video channels
Camera 1, standard
Camera 2, option
Camera 3, option
Low light color camera, PAL 540 TV lines 0,05 lux.
Low light black and white, PAL 570 TV lines 0,0001 lux.
Zoom camera, Colour CCD, HD block, PAL, 510 TV lines, 1,5 lux, 18 x optical 4 x digital zoom.
Light interfaces 6 off, total 1500 W
Lights, standard 2 x ROS Q-LED III, 3500lux (500 W halogen equivalent)
Sensors 200 bar depth sensor
Fluxgate compass
Moist sensors
Auto functions Auto depth, Auto heading, Auto altitude (option)
Multiplexer fiber, telemetry Focal 907 fiber optical multiplexer 3 x 8 bit or 2 x 10 bit video channels, 6 x RS 232/485 channels Optional: HD-video, Ethernet, USB link, others
Interfaces and survey channels, standard Sonar, 1 x RS 485, 24 VDC (standard)
Transponder power 24 V DC (standard)
Video, 4 off (standard) Lights, 6 off ( standard)
Actuator, 2 off (standard) Survey channels, 1 x RS 232, 1 X RS 485, 24 V (standard)
Thruster or AC tool (option)
Sonar Kongsberg Simrad MS 1000 330 kHz., scanning sonar

Optional equipment

Video overlay with analog/serial input, video grab function and video output to storage Option 1 channel overlay and grabber
Manipulator Electric grabber and rope cutter
HD camera Zoom camera, HD block, PAL, 1080 TV lines, 1,5 Lux, 18 x optical 4 x digital zoom
Cable cutter Cutter for 19 mm., Steel rope, complete with HPU and valve pack