MS 1000 Scanning Sonar

Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd. is the recognized world leader in mechanically scanned sonar systems. The MS 1000 Scanning Sonar Processor confirms our reputation as the supplier of the highest quality, highest resolution products in the market.

Our MS 1000 software program converts any standard PC into a full-function sonar processor without the need for additional boards or hardware, and is designed under ISO standards to ensure compliance to reliability, statutory and regulatory requirements.

MS 1000 is a Windows-based application and can be configured to control the complete digital line of Kongsberg Mesotech’s scanning sonar, altimeter, and bathy sensor products via industry-standard telemetry protocols.

MS 1000 key features include:

  • Simultaneous multiple scanning sonar head and altimeter operation, and sensor configurations
  • Time-tagged recording of all sonar and sensor inputs to the PC’s hard-drive or external recording device
  • Advanced target measurement and annotation tools
  • Track Plotter module allowing the user to pre-plot search and survey lines, and to geo-reference sonar targets
  • Networking capability
  • Target tracking (optional)