HPR 400P Family

Portable hydroacoustic positioning reference system

A HPR 400P system is a stand-alone portable system. It is based around a rugged, splash-proof, shock resistant and “all in one” portable cabinet. The cabinet contains all the surface electronics necessary for underwater positioning. The portable cabinet is equipped with strong carrying handles and has detachable covers at the front and rear.

Together with applicable software and a transducer, the system is easy to use by simply interfacing the applicable transducer to the back-plane of the portable unit.

  • All systems are based around the same portable electronic cabinet, but software and transducer interfaces will vary.
  • The connectors for all interfaces are made easily available from the rear.
  • The transducer may be deployed from any vessel or platform.

A HPR 400P system can be directly interfaced to a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) receiver, making it possible to give transponder position, Super Short Base Line (SSBL) or vessel position, Long Base Line (LBL) in UTM coordinates.


Several SSBL and LBL transducer types are available, and can be supplied with the system. A standard HPR transducer mounted on a hull unit may also be used. This would enable the portable system to be used as an emergency system if the standard system should develop a fault.

HPR 408P – LBL system with dunking transducer

The HPR 408P is a LBL system. By using LBL software and a dedicated over-the-side dunking transducer, the system becomes a surface system for any LBL or telemetry
application. Available dunking transducers:

• Dunking wide beam (MF)
• Dunking narrow beam (MF)
• Dunking narrow beam (LF)

The transducer is delivered with cable and cable drum.

HPR 408P – LBL system with subsea transceiver

The HPR 408P system can also be delivered with a subsea transceiver (HPR 408S) with transducer connected to the portable unit.

This system may be used for Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) LBL positioning, as well as for any other subsea module positioning requiring LBL accuracy.

HPR 410P – SSBL system

The HPR 410P is a SSBL system. It is normally delivered with the Portable Mini Transducer (PMT 301). Other transducers are available.

Together with dedicated SSBL software and the PMT 301, this system is applicable as a complete underwater navigation system. The calculation of position is based on range, vertical and horizontal angle measurements, giving threedimensional transponder positions relative to the system’s transducer.

Available transducers

  • PMT 301 – used for LBL and SSBL operations.
    • The PMT 301 has an internal Roll / Pitch Inclinometers.
    • The PMT 301 includes an adapter for pole mounting.
  • HPR standard wide / medium beam, (MF) – used for LBL and SSBL operations.
    • This transducer requires an external VRU.
  • HPR narrow beam, (MF) – used for LBL and SSBL operations.
    • This transducer requires an external VRU.
  • HPR medium beam, (LF) – used for LBL and SSBL operations.
    • This transducer requires an external VRU.

HPR 418P – combined LBL and SSBL system

The HPR 418P system is a powerful portable underwater positioning system. It is capable of solving most underwater positioning applications. The system is a combination of the HPR 408P and the HPR 410P, and can work in a combined mode using a LBL and SSBL transducer.

For details, see the HPR 408P and HPR 410P information above.